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“An oasis of colour and fun, and the chance to be a child again!”

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A positive, nurturing and reliable environment to help shield against the adverse experiences of displaced children’s unsettled lives

Guided by the principles of Child Friendly Spaces and following the practice of Trauma Informed Care, we provide a holistic service that meets the complex needs of refugee and displaced children. We offer children a safe space to play, away from the stresses of everyday life, and deliver a program of activities which is stimulating and educational, with the main focus on psychosocial support, language acquisition and early childhood education.

The effects of trauma, chronic stress, and lack of appropriate stimulating experiences in the formative years can create gaps in a child’s development, causing lifelong negative impacts. Many displaced children end up living in refugee camps or temporary accommodation for months or even years, making up a substantial part of their early lives. For some children, life on the move is all that they know and will make up their earliest memories.

We believe childhood memories should be happy memories

The Importance of Play

Refugee Children Playing With A Doll's House

Everything we do is based on the principle that play is an essential part of childhood

Play enables the development of vital physiological, social and emotional skills. It allows children to build self-confidence and to develop secure and trusting relationships with others; it is a means of freedom of self-expression, healing and happiness.

We believe that every child should have access to a safe, happy, nurturing and stimulating place to play

A sense of wonder and challenge and a desire to explore and discover is the foundation for the desire to learn. Many children who have experienced trauma are not yet ready to access education. Play as a form of therapy helps remove the barriers to learning.

The right to play is recognised by the United Nations as a fundamental right of every child. Refugee Children’s Centres help meet this most basic right

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