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There are many ways to help a Refugee Children’s Centre – you don’t have to come to one to be really useful!

If you are not able to get to a Children’s Centre there are many things which can be done from home – from holding a tea-party to raise funds to sharing your ideas for exciting and unusual activities. Please consider how you could use your talents and interests to give refugee children a hand and get in contact.

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A Refugee Children's Centres Volunteer Leading Story Time

Refugee Children’s Centres are run entirely by volunteers of all nationalities and from a variety of backgrounds.

Long-term volunteers make up the leadership team and are responsible for the day to day running of a Centre and the coordination of short-term volunteers. We are particularly interested in hearing from qualified teachers or people who have a background in childcare.

We also welcome short-term volunteers. As a short-term volunteer, ideally you would come with a planned activity or workshop that you are happy to deliver with the support of our long-term volunteers. You may have a particular skill or passion you would like to share or simply have some ideas for fun and engaging activities.

Whether you are a long- or short-term volunteer, the children will capture your hearts as soon as you meet them. They will make you laugh, smile and sometimes cry. Volunteering in refugee camps can be emotionally and physically challenging so you will need to be patient, resilient and resourceful.

Have a look at our Volunteer Profiles and Volunteer Roles Overview and if you think you’ve got what it takes to brighten up a child’s day, please get in touch.

Volunteer Roles

Refugee Children's Centres Volunteers Run A Craft Session

The following volunteer roles describe a typical set up at a Refugee Children’s Centre. However the roles are likely to vary from Centre to Centre depending on local needs and requirements. For all roles, it is essential that you have at least some experience of working with children and experience with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties would be an advantage.

Project Coordinators are in charge of the day to day running of the Children’s Centre, overseeing and recruiting volunteers, liaising with local authorities, organisations and other stakeholders, ensuring that activities provided and the work of the volunteers are in accord with our vision, values and aims. This person would ideally be a qualified teacher or early years practitioner.

Assistant Project Coordinators deputise for the Project Coordinator and take on a similar role, at a lower level of responsibility and shorter time commitment; the two work together to manage the Centre and the other volunteers.

Community Outreach Officers are responsible for liaising with parents, carers and other people Children’s Centre users come into contact with. Aiming to increase participation with and access to children’s services. Additional languages would be very useful but are not essential. The Community Outreach Officers work as part of the team in the Children’s Centre when not required on outreach work.

Activities Coordinators are responsible for planning and delivering activities, preparing resources and supporting short term volunteers. The main requirements for this role are enthusiasm for working with children, patience, and creativity. You will have experience of working with children already.

Education Coordinators are responsible for planning and delivering play-based educational activities with a focus on language acquisition and social skills which will enable a smooth integration into mainstream education. Education Coordinators will be qualified teachers/educators. The role for 3-7 years will focus on activities for nursery age children whereas for 7-11 years the focus will be more on liaising with educators, camp managers and teachers from local schools that the children may attend. Ideally this post would be taken by a local language speaker.

Sports Coordinators organise and deliver a programme of sporting activities/PE and help out with whatever is going on inside when they are not busy running around outside.

In addition to these specific roles there is also a need for General Volunteers who would be similar to teaching assistants in a school or nursery school.

Whatever your role, everyone who volunteers in a Children’s Centre works together as part of the team to deliver activities and to keep the Centre clean and tidy.

For more detailed job descriptions please get in touch.