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Get Involved

There are many ways to help a Refugee Children’s Centre – you don’t have to come to one to be really useful!

If you are not able to volunteer at a Children’s Centre there are many things which can be done from home – from holding a tea-party to raise funds to sharing your ideas for exciting and unusual activities. Please consider how you could use your talents and interests to give refugee children a hand and get in contact.


We need your help to run our Centres and to support our fabulous long-term volunteers so we can keep them for as long as possible! Perhaps you might like to organise an event for us? A pub quiz, a marathon, or a cake sale at your local school? Big or small, any help is appreciated… Your support will enable us to provide hundreds more displaced children with a safe place to play!

School Partnership

Partnerships between schools and Refugee Children’s Centres are a great way to share knowledge and expertise at the same time as helping students find out more about global issues such as conflict, migration and the refugee crisis. By collaborating on joint projects students will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s country and culture. Partner schools can also help fundraise for Refugee Children’s Centres to help them fund building work or buy play equipment and learning resources. If your school would like to create a partnership with one of our Centres please get in touch to find out more.

Pro-Bono Services

We are a new and growing organisation; help us thrive by donating your professional services or apply to become part of the team. From early years teachers to legal advisers, if you think you can help, please get in touch.


Refugee Children’s Centres place volunteers of all nationalities and from a variety of backgrounds with our partner organisations.

Generally speaking, most organisations prefer volunteers who can stay for a minimum of 3 months. Long-term volunteers often take on leadership roles and are responsible for helping with the day to day running and coordination of the centres. We also welcome applications from short-term volunteers who can stay for a minimum of 1 month. We are particularly interested in hearing from qualified teachers, early years practitioners, play workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, art therapists, social workers, translators, musicians, artists and sports coaches.

While we do accept applications for internships and student placements from volunteers on practice-based courses such as education and social work, placement on a project will depend on us having a suitable mentor.
Volunteering with Refugee Children's Centres can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience but it is also emotionally and physically demanding so you will need to be patient, resilient and resourceful. All volunteers will be required to follow our strict Code of Conduct and to abide by our policies at all times.

Have a look at our Current Opportunities and if you think you’ve got what it takes to brighten up a child’s day, please get in touch.

A puppet show at a Refugee Children's Centre

Becoming a Volunteer

Please read carefully and follow the steps

  1. Read through the Volunteer Information (sent to you once you have made contact with the recruitment team) and think carefully about whether volunteering is right for you. The work can be physically and emotionally demanding and the children’s behaviour can be challenging - it does not suit everyone.

  2. Decide what role would best suit you and what dates you will be available.

  3. Read the Volunteer Code of Conduct carefully - you will be asked questions about it in your phone interview.

  4. Fill in an application form, including your agreement to abide by the Volunteer Code of Conduct, sign and send it, along with your CV and contact details for two referees, by email to

  5. Apply for an Enhanced DBS check or your country's equivalent (if your DBS is not on the Update Service). You can do this through us at a cost of approx. £10. Volunteers staying for a minimum of 3 months will be eligible to claim this back.

  6. Complete an online Introductory Child Protection course (unless you already have an up to date certificate). The course costs £20 and takes approx. 3 hrs.

  7. Arrange an informal telephone or Skype interview with a member of the recruitment team.

  8. Consider where you will stay. Unfortunately we cannot always help with accommodation. Long term volunteers can ask if there is space in our volunteer house. Please do not arrive at a project without having considered how you will get from your accommodation to the Centre each day.

  9. Finalise your arrival and departure dates with the recruitment team.

  10. Arrange your travel. Again, unfortunately we cannot help with travel. Please see the project specific information for advice on accommodation and travel.

  11. Think about travel insurance. You are advised to take it and to ensure that your policy covers you for working as a volunteer in a refugee camp. We have arranged a volunteer travel insurance policy for £1.50 per day; please ask if you are interested in this.

  12. Please make sure you have an up to date European Health Insurance Card, available free from If you don’t have one, apply even if it is not going to come in time.

  13. Finally, please be patient while waiting for a reply - we are a small team so will get back to you as soon as we can!

Current Opportunities

Refugee Children's Centres is run entirely by volunteers. We have no paid positions at this moment.

Help from Home:

Job Title: School - Centre Partnership Coordinator
Location: Home based
Start date: immediate start
Duration: 3 months minimum, approx 1 hour per week
Description: We are looking for a lovely volunteer to manage our School - Centre Partnerships. This will involve preparing resources and guidance for schools, liaising with both schools and centres to manage exchanges and fundraising activities.

Job Title: Fundraising Officer - Grants
Location: Home based
Start: Ongoing
Duration: Preferably 3 months minimum, approx 1 hour per week
Description: Increasing funds by researching, targeting and applying to charitable trusts and foundations whose criteria match the charity's aims and activities.

Job Title: Fundraising Officer - Events
Location: Home based
Start: Ongoing
Duration: Preferably 3 months minimum, approx 1 hour per week
Description: Organise and oversee exciting, diverse and innovative events to help increase funds and raise the profile of RCC.

Job Title: Legal Adviser
Location: Home based
Start date: Immediate start
Duration: Permanent

Job Title: Treasurer
Location: Home based
Start date: Immediate start
Duration: Permanent

Volunteers staying for a minimum of one month are eligible to claim expenses to cover accommodation and food. Coordinators staying for a minimum of 3 months are eligible to claim expenses towards travel

In addition to these specific roles we also accept applications from General Volunteers who would be similar to playworkers or teaching assistants in a school or nursery school. General Volunteers staying for under one month will be self-funded.

For more information about any of these roles, please get in touch.